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How the FLOWREAD™ Works

Everything you need to know about your simple and effective pool flowmeter.


Take the guesswork out of flow rates with the FLOWREAD™

If you own a pool, you likely know the struggle of wanting the water to be crystal clear yet not wanting to pay a penny more than is necessary on energy bills. By installing a FLOWREAD™  Flowmeter on your pool system you'll know the flow rate, the rate at which water is flowing through your equipment!  This will allow you to dial in your variable-speed pump's flow rate for ideal water circulation. The FLOWREAD™ was designed to accurately read your pool's flow so you can keep it clear and safe while SAVING MONEY! 

How the FLOWREAD™ Works

After the FLOWREAD™ is properly installed on your 1.5”, 2.0”, or 2.5” pipe, the water that is flowing through your system will then enter the flowmeter through the pitot tube causing the float to rise. By viewing the top of the float you'll have an accurate reading of the flow rate of your variable-speed pump. This then allows you to correctly adjust your pump speed which will save you money, energy, prevent damage to your pool and equipment, reduce the amount of chemicals needed for proper sanitation, and improve the overall quality of your pool water.

It really is as easy as that. This flow meter was designed with you in mind — to save you money and make maintaining the cleanliness of your pool easier than ever. Don’t wait any longer to have a healthy pool and hundreds in energy savings — shop the FLOWREAD™ today.

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