With summer on its way, any residential pool owner is gearing up for pool season. Pool season also brings about some common summer pool problems. That makes it important to understand some common problems you can have with your pool and pool system so you can deal with them easily and efficiently.

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Common Pool Problems

Sometimes pool problems happen. But if you understand the problem and are prepared, you won’t have to stay out of the pool too long!

Green or Cloudy Pool Water

If you have green or cloudy water in your pool, those are signs that something is wrong. Until you figure out the problem, you definitely don’t want to swim in that water!

Test your water to see what’s missing — or what you have that you don’t want. For example, green or cloudy water can mean that you have a build-up of algae or bacteria in your pool. That build-up could be caused by low chlorine levels.

Make sure you regularly test your pool water levels so you don’t run into any surprise problems with your pool!


If you have a large number of leaves and debris floating in your pool, those problems can lead to clogs in your filter and pool system. If your pool system becomes clogged, water won’t be able to get through. This can lead to improper circulation in your pool and allow for bacteria to grow in the water.

Make sure you’re routinely skimming the top of your pool to remove any excess debris from the pool. Then check and clean any excess debris from the filter.

Cracks and Leaks

As pools age, you can start to have problems with cracks and leaks. It’s important to understand the signs of those problems before they become worse.

The tiles inside your pool can start to crack, causing water to leak out of your pool and cause damage elsewhere. If you can spot those cracks in your pool before it gets to that point, you can apply silicon on the crack to prevent water from leaking.

Some of the water in your pool will evaporate naturally — around ¼-inch to ½-inch — but anything beyond that means that your pool is leaking somewhere. You want to find the source of the leak as soon as possible. One common cause is that your pool liner is damaged or needs to be replaced. While duct tape is a temporary solution, you’ll want to replace the liner, especially if your liner has become worn over time!

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