Becoming a pool owner is an incredibly exciting time — not only are you opening the door to years of fun for your family and friends, but you are turning your backyard into an at-home tropical paradise that can make you feel like you are on vacation without ever needing to leave home! While planning your pool or waiting for it to finish being installed, it is also important to keep in mind that it is a commitment and you will want to get started on the right foot with these six must-have items for pool owners.

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Must-Have Item #1: Shock

This is one of the most important chemicals you need to have on hand as a pool owner. While the chlorine in your pool will kill most of the bacteria, shock will super-chlorinate your pool and kill the rest of the bacteria, making it safe to swim in.

Must-Have Item #2: Chemical Testing Strips

Test strips are used in order to determine what chemicals need to be added to your pool so that you can keep the water clean, healthy, and bacteria-free. Be sure to use these every week and after any storms you may get to see if you need to add any specific chemicals to your pool. These make life much easier for pool owners.

Must-Have Item #3: Skimmer

A definite must-have, pool skimmers are flat nets that are attached to a long pole that allows you to reach out into the pool and pick up any debris that is floating around in the water, such as leaves, flower petals, and insects. These help to keep your pool clean on a day-to-day basis.

Must-Have Item #4: Pool Cover

There are several different types of pool covers to choose from, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase to find exactly what you are looking for. No matter what kind you choose, having one is a must in order to protect your pool and prevent accidental falls into the pool while not in use.

Must-Have Item #5: A Quality Pool Efficiency Flowmeter

If you aren’t sure what a flowmeter is, don’t fret! You can read more about what a pool flowmeter is and why you need one here. But in sum, these nifty devices help you get an exact read on your pool system’s flow rate in order to help you run your pool at an efficient rate and save you hundreds of dollars yearly in energy costs.

Must-Have Item #6: First Aid Kit and Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an absolute must during the hot summer months and can be easily added to a pool-side first aid kit. Hopefully you will never need to use the first aid kit, but it is important to have one just in case.

We hope today’s post helped you complete your pool shopping list as a new pool owner! We are so excited for you to enjoy the luxuries of owning a pool. If you have any further questions about pool must-haves including where to find a quality flowmeter, check out the cutting-edge FLOWREAD™ pool efficiency flowmeter and give us a call at Blue-White Pool and Spa today!

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