Nothing beats spending a day in your pool. But you also want to make sure that your pool pump and system are working properly to keep your pool clear and clean.

At Blue-White Pool and Spa, we know pools. In today’s blog, we’re here to discuss five common mistakes you can make with your pool pump that might cause lasting damage to your pool system or are causing you to spend too much on energy and water costs.

Read through our blog and add our FLOWREAD™ pool flow meter to your pool system so you have a better understanding of how hard your pool is working.

5 Pool Pump Mistakes

Make sure you’re not making these common mistakes when it comes to your pool pump! Read through our five mistakes, and give your pool and pool pump system the proper care it needs to function properly.

Not Keeping It Clean

It’s important to take care of your pool and pool pump. This means keeping it clean. While the pump helps cleans the pool water itself, you want to make sure that the different parts of your pool system are also clean. The pump basket collects debris from the pool, but if left unemptied, that debris can start to block your pool system. Empty your pump basket every week and more frequently during times when there’s more debris in your pool than normal.

Another indicator of the cleanliness of your pool pump comes from the flow rate. What flow rate is your pool pump set at? Is your pool pump still operating at that flow rate? If you notice a change in the flow of your pump, that could indicate a clog in the pump or the filter. While the flow itself is lower, the pressure of your pump trying to push against that clog is wasting energy and could ruin the pump long term.

Running Pump Too Much or Too Little

When it comes to the operation of your pool pump, you need to find a balance. Some residential pool owners believe that running your pump at full speed for a short amount of time will save them on energy costs. What it comes down to is finding the right balance for your pool — and part of that includes finding a pool flow meter to help you understand your flow rate.

Don’t just guess what run time is the best for your pool. In fact, there is some math that needs to go into it — but Blue-White Pool and Spa has taken the time to do some of that math for you! Using our FLOWREAD™, you can accurately tell the flow of your pool pump. While it might feel more efficient to run your pump for 6–8 hours a day before turning the pump off, it’s actually easier to run your pool pump at a lower flow rate. That’s because moving water is easier to maintain than stagnant water.

If you need more assistance with finding the right flow rate for your pump to optimize efficiency, costs, and properly maintain your pool, just contact our Blue-White Pool and Spa team!

Incorrectly Sized Pump

Do you have the right size pump for your pool? A common myth is that you need the highest horsepower for your pool pump, but that can actually negatively impact your pool and could end up wasting water, energy, and money.

Instead, do some math to figure out how many gallons are in your pool and how many gallons per minute your pool pump will need to filter in order to cycle through the whole pool in 8–12 hours. This gives you a good idea of the power of the pool pump you need to effectively filter your pool.

Not sure about doing the math yourself? You can always reach out to Blue-White Pool and Spa for help figuring out the right pump and flow rate for your sized pool — along with the ways you can save on energy costs with our FLOWREAD™ pool flow meter.

Running Your Pump Dry

When a pool pump “runs dry,” it means that your pool pump continues to operate without active incoming water. When this happens for long periods of time, your pump can begin to leak and the pump itself might become deformed. You want to make sure that if the pool pump is operating, there is water coming through it.

To fix this type of problem, you want to make sure that your pool pump isn’t clogged, that the water level of your pool doesn’t get too low, and make sure that you’ve fixed any air leaks that incoming pipes or hoses might have.

Running Your Pump Wet

What kind of materials are around your pool pump system? Materials like overhanging trees, bushes, weeds, mulch, or other plants can hold in moisture, keeping your pool pump damp. Over time, this can decrease the longevity of your pool pump.

If you notice that your pool pump is living in wetter conditions, find a way to clear out those materials and allow the pump to dry out. This will help your pool pump last longer!

Get a FLOWREAD™ Flowmeter from Blue White

If your pool has been using too much energy or is not staying clean, it’s important to understand some of the mistakes you could be making. To understand your flow, find the right pool flow meter. Give the FLOWREAD™ from Blue-White Pool and Spa a try today!

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