When it comes to cleaning your pool, you likely follow (or eventually get into) a routine procedure with a number of tasks. While this is great for pool upkeep for the long run, it can be easy to overlook a few other steps that are also crucial to your pool’s health. Read on to learn about these five often-overlooked pool cleaning tips, and if you have any questions regarding pool maintenance or pool efficiency flowmeters, give us a call at Blue-White Pool and Spa today!

Cleaning the Edge of Your Pool

While cleaning the edge of your pool might not be on the top of your to-do list when you have the inside of your actual pool to clean, we do advise that you clean the border of your pool from time to time.

The reason for this cleaning is because the longer you postpone cleaning the edge of your pool, the more that scale and stains build up at the waterline. Depending on how long you have left it to build up and the type of stain and scaling there is, cleaning your pool’s waterline shouldn’t be too tricky, but it can be time-consuming. We recommend using a stiff brush and a homemade cleaner (such as baking soda and vinegar) to clean this off.

Removing Leaves With a Skimming Net

This should be done daily, as leaves absorb much of the chlorine you put into your pool. This can be done with a skimmer net, and the skimming basket should also be emptied regularly as it catches what the net misses.

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Regularly Refreshing Your Pool Water

This is something that you will only need to do a few times a year, but again, it is still important that it isn’t forgotten about. Adding fresh water to your pool will help to reduce certain concentrations of metals and salts that can cause brown stains and leave your pool unsanitary. Do this by adding 3–5% of the total water volume to the swimming pool at least three times per year. Just make sure to never use well water, as well water contains too high concentrations of those same metals and will only make matters worse.

Vacuuming Your Pool

Pool vacuums come in many different variants and are crucial to removing dirt particles that end up in your pool. Manual pool vacuums are relatively inexpensive, but you often do pay for what you get when it comes to these products. So if you plan on being a pool owner for a long time, we do recommend investing in a quality pool vacuum in order to prevent dirt and grime build-up in your swimming pool. There are also pool vacuums on the market that do the cleaning automatically for you.

Backwashing Your Pool Filter

Without a regular pool filter backwash, the filter can block up completely from dirt particles — or even cause the filter to explode. This is a task you will want to perform weekly to remove those particles and prevent any pressure from increasing inside of the filter.

By following these tips, it will be much easier to maintain a clean and healthy pool. If you have any questions or would like to save hundreds of dollars yearly in energy costs, give us a call at Blue-White Pool and Spa and shop our FLOWREAD™ pool efficiency flowmeter today!

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