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Why Choose The FLOWREAD™ flowmeter?

Proven technology | industry leader | easy to install | No pool guy needed


The perfect tool for dialing in your variable-speed pool pump

Did you know that pool owners are going to be forced to buy variable-speed pool pumps? Effective in 2021, variable-speed pumps will become mandatory for powering a pool's filtration system. Variable-speed pumps allow pool owners to circulate their water at lower flow rates for a more prolonged period of the day, lowering their overall energy consumption.

The thing is, nobody is going to make pool owners to actually save energy (and money) with their variable-speed pumps. That is up to the pool owner, and there is only one possible way to do this, and that is by knowing the flow rate in your pool system, along with knowing the flow rate that you need to have.  In order to do this you MUST have a flowmeter.

So why choose the FLOWREAD™? Blue-White's American-made pool flowmeters have been the industry leader in commercial aquatics (water parks, resorts, hotels, municipal swimming pools) for decades. We are now bringing this proven technology to residential pool owners so they can take control of their pool system and start saving money, while maintaining proper circulation and reducing dependency on chemicals for sanitation.  If you can use a drill and a tape measure you can install a FLOWREAD™ and start saving today!


Takes up minimal space


Requires very few materials


Takes less than two minutes to install


Easy-to-read scale in gallons per minute


Extremely accurate

What Makes the FLOWREAD™ Different from Our Competitors

At Blue-White Pool and Spa, we are dedicated to providing the very best quality products and services to our customers, because having happy customers is our number one goal! That is why we created a flow meter that is both easy-to-read and easy-to-install.

With the FLOWREAD™, there is no need for pipe cutters or hacksaws, unions, elbows, or PVC cement. The only things you need are things you likely already have in your toolkit — a drill and a measuring tape. After completing a quick and easy installment, you are ready to start reading the rate at which your pool pump is turning over your pool water in gallons per minute on an easy-to-read scale. DIY-er's rejoice!

The "Other Guys"

With other pool flow meters, you will need a variety of different items in order to have it properly installed. Some of these items include:

  • A PVC pipe cutter or hacksaw
  • A variety of PVC pipe parts including unions and elbows
  • Primer
  • PVC cement
  • A marker in order to line up the pipes correctly
  • Measuring tape
  • Sandpaper

Because other flow meters are much bulkier than the FLOWREAD™, you will also need to find an area large enough on your pool system to have it installed. Gloves are another item you will want to have on-hand when installing other pool flow meters due to the messiness that comes from the PVC cement during installation.

With the FLOWREAD™ pool efficiency flow meter, you simply purchase the correct size for your pipe (which comes with two stainless steel clamps, a gasket, and two screws to keep it in place), select a good place for installation, locate the center of the hole for the flow meter to be inserted, place the clamps on either side of the flow meter while ensuring it is completely vertical, and that’s it! You can check out our installation page for accurate measurements, but it really is as easy as that.


If you have any questions regarding the FLOWREAD™ pool efficiency flowmeter, reach out to our team at Blue-White Pool and Spa today. With over 60 years in the pool technology and manufacturing industry, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best of the best in products, service, and in savings, and insist on creating the latest and greatest in our industry.

Plus, all of our products are created right here in the United States by hard-working Americans like you.